Your health and wellbeing

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Within Lancashire North there are some distinct facts about the health of the population. These include:

  • Over the next 10 years the local population will increase by 7,000, with the numbers aged over 70 rising by one third
  • While people are living longer, they are dying earlier than the England average
  • Cancer and circulatory disease are the main causes of death for people aged under 75
  • Around three-quarters of people will die from a cancer, circulatory or respiratory-related illness
  • There are big health inequalities in the area. In the most deprived areas, men die 10.4 years earlier than those in the least deprived areas; for women it is 7.4 years
  • 20% of expectant mothers smoke during pregnancy
  • Around 20% of adults smoke and 21% are obese