Our Constitution

Morecambe Bay CCG’s constitution sets out the powers that the member practices have decided to reserve to themselves as members of the CCG, and which powers they have decided to delegate to the governing body of the CCG and its committees.

It describes the governing principles, rules and procedures that the member practices have established to ensure accountability and probity in the day to day running of the CCG and to ensure that Morecambe Bay CCG remains true to its mission.

The constitution was amended on 15 March 2016 and approved by NHS England on 15 June 2016.

The amendments take into account several changes which include:

• The removal of the Registered Nurse on the Governing Body and the inclusion of the role of the Chief Nurse as an Executive Member.
• Various title inconsistencies relating to the Secondary Care Doctor have been amended.
• Since the CCG was formed two practices have merged and a paragraph has been inserted relating to practice mergers.
• The Terms of Reference have been removed as Appendices and included as Annexes within the Constitution.

Read the full document for more information.