Our priorities

The CCG has identified six major strategic priorities.  Priorities one and two focus on the major issues facing the health of our population. The remaining four priorities confirm that the CCG intends to work with our partners to ensure that local health services are safe, sustainable and of high quality.

The six priorities are summarised below:

  1. To improve the health of our population and reduce inequalities in health
    Chosen because: our health needs analysis and our GP practices confirm that there are health inequalities in our area. We also believe that in order to address long term inequalities, we need to work closely with partners on improving the health and wellbeing of children and young people.
  2. To reduce premature deaths from a range of long term conditions — with a specific focus on cancer and cardiovascular disease
    Chosen because: our health needs analysis is showing us that this will help us to improve the overall health of the population both now and in the future. Cancer and cardiovascular disease account for 64% of deaths in our area before the age of 75.
  3. To develop care services closer to home
    Chosen because: our local residents are telling us that they want to be treated as close to home as possible. We also believe that in order ensure long term sustainability of the health economy, we need to develop primary and community care services to provide as much care out of hospital as possible.
  4. To commission safe, sustainable and high quality hospital care
    Chosen because: we are committed to working with University Hospitals of Morecambe Bay and Cumbria CCG to ensure the public can be confident in our local hospital services.
  5. To commission safe, sustainable and high quality mental health care
    Chosen because: we are inheriting major changes in the way mental health services are provided and we are implementing these with Lancashire Care Foundation Trust and the other CCGs in Lancashire. Again, local people have told us they are concerned about the quality and effectiveness of these vital local services.
  6. To improve the capacity and capability of our primary care services to respond to the changing health needs of our population
    Chosen because: primary care services will also need to plan carefully to meet the health needs of our residents and be able to respond to our priorities for hospital, mental health and community services. We know how much the public values the wide range of prevention, diagnostic and treatment services delivered through their general practices.