Annual Report

Welcome to our Annual report for 2019/20 It’s been a busy year for the Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and our partners in Morecambe Bay and in this report we aim to highlight some of the areas that we have shared success in our local system; areas where we continue to develop, and also be transparent about what we have found challenging as we focus on our Better Care Together clinical strategy and responsibilities as a CCG.

The CCG has the honour and responsibility of ensuring that the health and care services we commission for the population of Morecambe Bay meet the highest standards possible in terms of safety, quality, accessibility and efficiency. We have the lead for reviewing and purchasing care on behalf of our residents and yet a commissioning group is not just about being a purchaser of care. We have responsibility for planning services, prioritising what and where we purchase care, and ensuring that the care received is not just bringing best value, but is also delivering in terms of good outcomes for our communities. 

Take a look at the full annual report: Morecambe Bay CCG Annual Report 2020-21


Report to the members of the Governing Body of NHS Morecambe Bay CCG on the Mental Health Investment Standard 
The Members of the Governing Body of NHS Morecambe Bay CCG (‘the CCG’) engaged KPMG LLP Chartered Accountants to perform an independent assurance engagement in respect of the CCG’s Mental Health Investment Standard (‘the MHIS’) Statement of Compliance for the year ended 31 March 2019.

The report is now available and can be viewed here along with the CCG's Statement of Compliance signed by Jerry Hawker, Accountable Officer of Morecambe Bay CCG 


Annual Audit Letter

The Annual Audit Letter which summarises the key issues arising from the 2019/20 audit at NHS Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group (the CCG) has now been published and can be viewed here.


Alternative formats 

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