Governing Body

Our CCG members – the group of local general practices known as our Council of Members — have delegated responsibility to a Governing Body that ensures we operate efficiently and act in the best interests of the population we serve.

The Governing Body will also ensure compliance with the Nolan principles of good governance (selflessness, honesty, objectivity, openness, leadership, accountability and integrity).

The Governing Body meets in public and you are welcome to attend. You can also read about our governing body members

Declaring and registering interests

The members, employees, committee and sub-committee members of Morecambe Bay CCG are required to declare conflicts or potential conflicts of interest in relation to business conduct.

The CCG maintains the following registers of the interests of:

  • the Membership Council
  • the members of its Governing Body together with its
  • its employees

These registers are also available for inspection at the CCG’s headquarters.