Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria

In February 2018, the NHS planning guidance renamed Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships (STP) and restated the importance of partners working together to create what is now termed an integrated care system (ICS). The guidance states that this will happen as systems demonstrate their ability to take collective responsibility for financial and operational performance and health outcomes.

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria was one of the first areas of the country to work as a shadow integrated care system (ICS) with the intention to be a formal ICS in the future. An integrated care system is a collaboration in which NHS, Local Authority, voluntary and other public sector partners will need to demonstrate how we will work effectively with the communities we serve.

Morecambe Bay CCG is one of the five areas called Integrated Care Partnerships which make up the ICS and represent the local population and includes Health and Care organisations including local authorities, care providers NHS and community organisations. In Morecambe Bay this partnership is called Bay Health and Care Partners.

These partnerships are coming together to tackle challenges that can only be solved by working together in their partnership or across the wider region of Lancashire and South Cumbria as part of the ICS. In doing so, commissioners, providers and regulators will be able to work in more cohesive ways as priorities and areas of work develop, we will ensure that members of the public are involved, and solutions are co-produced with communities.

Here are a few examples of the projects we are working on with Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria: 

Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups

Morecambe Bay CCG is part of the Joint Committee of Clinical Commissioning Groups (JCCCG), which is a meeting that involves the CCGs across Lancashire and South Cumbria. The JCCCG is responsible for making decisions about proposals referred to it by the CCGs. Decisions are only referred if they require a Lancashire and South Cumbria approach, but most decisions about healthcare will continue to be made locally.

For more information about when the JCCCG meetings take place, who is sits on the committee and how you can attend as a member of the public, click here.

Find out more about how we are working together by visiting the websites for:

Bay Health and Care Partners

Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria