Dr Sarah Arun - GP Executive Lead

Sarah Arun 2

Sarah, who originally trained as a doctor in South India, came to Barrow to do her GP training in 2007 and has stayed on since then at Norwood Medical Centre, where she has been a GP partner for the last 7 years.  Sarah has a specialist interest in cardiology having done her Postgraduate Diploma in Cardiology at Bradford University. She is currently the Elective Care and Cardiovascular Health Lead for the CCG.

Her other significant role is that of the Clinical Director of the newly formed Barrow and Millom Primary Care Network. She is very keen to improve the health of her local area and her ambition (along with her husband, who is also a Barrow GP) is to make Barrow the healthiest place on earth. With that in mind, she leads on the Happy and Healthy Lifestyle Furness, a local project to improve the health of primary school children in association with schools and local businesses.

Sarah and her husband’s current hobby (out of necessity) is to chauffer their very sporty son, all around the country for various sporting activities and training!