Any Qualified Provider (AQP)

Increasing patient choice

Any Qualified Provider (AQP) is a work programme that is enabling the Government to fulfil its commitment to increase choice and personalisation in NHS funded services for patients and the public. AQP was implemented following a national listening exercise to consider which health services would benefit from having increased choice. Service providers can apply to be a specific AQP service based on quality not price.

Patients referred to the services made available under AQP will be able to choose from a list of ‘qualified’ providers who meet agreed service quality requirements, through a locally agreed specification.

AQP Aims and Objectives

The strategic aims of AQP are to:

  • increase choice and access of health service providers for patients
  • improve quality and outcomes of health services
  • drive innovation and efficiency of health services

Further information

Archived AQP service lines are advertised at which also contains more information on AQP.