On 1 July 2015 NHS Protect launched its revised online reporting tool to continue to enable NHS employees, patients and third parties to report allegations of fraud and corruption directly to NHS Protect. NHS Protect ensures that allegations of fraud that are suitable for investigation at a local level and are disseminated to the relevant health body’s Anti-Fraud Specialist.

Report NHS Fraud website 

The revised online reporting tool provides the following benefits and enhancements:

  • It is a national service which is independent of the rest of the NHS.
  • The tool offers a simple and intuitive way to report NHS fraud matters, at the same time enabling us to form the best possible understanding of reported concerns.
  • It provides enhanced protection of users’ rights by giving them a choice of reporting options. All information is treated confidentially but additionally a user can now choose a ‘reporting status’ that further defines exactly how NHS Protect will process their information. 
  • The tool enables users to update reports they have made by providing new information. It is seamlessly integrated with NHS Protect’s secure intelligence database, enabling us to form a national intelligence picture.      

Good intelligence on local or national crime threats enables more efficient and effective action. NHS Protect supports the provision of better intelligence on economic crime risks facing the NHS by providing a secure national fraud reporting service both online and via the telephone. All NHS bodies are therefore encouraged to promote and support NHS Protect’s national fraud reporting options, so that, together, we can better protect the NHS.

Reports of fraud can still be made free of charge on 0800 028 4060.  

To assist with promoting the enhanced online reporting tool and the phone line, NHS Protect has produced two new leaflets (below).

Download a copy of the Report NHS Fraud leaflet

Download a copy of the Report NHS Fraud credit card sized flyer

Download a copy of the Revised National Online Fraud Reporting Tool information