Have your say (8 clinical policies) - April 2017

Lancashire-wide review and harmonisation of clinical policies

Please note that the engagement process for the clinical policies listed below is now complete and the surveys are closed.

To see the outcomes of the policy review process follow the links below 
Table of Clinical Policies
Name of policy Policy document Level of change Survey
Policy for surgical treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome Policy For Surgical Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome 010217 (pdf 112.2 KB)

 Clinical Policies Level Of Change Document T2 2017 (pdf 79.8 KB)




Surgical Treatment Of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Questionnaire 220217 (pdf 107.7 KB)
Policy for tonsillectomy & adeno-tonsillectomy Policy For Tonsillectomy-Adeno Tonsillectomy (pdf 143.3 KB) Tonsillectomy Questionnaire 220217 (pdf 107.6 KB)
Policy for the surgical release of trigger finger Policy For Surgical Release Of Trigger Finger 010217 (pdf 137.0 KB) Surgical Releasse Of Trigger Finger Questionnaire 220217 (pdf 107.5 KB)
Policy for elective endoscopic procedures of the knee joint cavity Policy For ENDOSCOPIC KNEE PROCEDURES 010217 (pdf 146.6 KB) Endoscopic Procedures On The Knee Joint Cavity Questionnaire 220217 (pdf 107.9 KB)
Male circumcision Male Circumcision Commissioning Policy 010217 (pdf 204.2 KB) Male Circumcision Questionnaire 220217 (pdf 107.5 KB)
Policy for the funding of insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices for people with diabetes Draft Policy –Insulin Pumps And Continuous Glucose Monitors 010217 (pdf 156.9 KB) Insulin Pumps And GMD Policy Survey Questionnaire 150217 (pdf 125.6 KB)


Feedback/completion of the survey on all but the draft policy on insulin pumps must be completed by Friday 7 April. Feedback on the new draft policy on insulin pumps and glucose monitoring devices must be provided by Friday 28 April.


  Key       Description
  Important/significant change – impact on many or all patients
  A number of criteria changes or amendments and, non-criteria changes to the policy with impact on a range of patients
  A few criteria changes which are likely to impact on some patients
  A few limited changes (little or no impact on
  No change
  New policy
  New policy for this CCG


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