Over the counter prescriptions

This consultation closed on 14 November 2017.

The CCG proposed to stop prescribing treatments and medicines for short-term, minor conditions or where there is insufficient evidence that they improve symptoms or where they aren’t value for money. Many of these medicines are now widely available over the counter (in pharmacies or shops) at a low cost or cheaper than an NHS prescription. Many are prescribed for conditions that have no clinical need of treatment. The CCG wants its limited medicines budget to be used for the treatment of more serious conditions and during the consultation period we encouraged members of the public to give their views about this proposal.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to this consultation; altogether we received 382 responses. We will take all feedback into consideration within the decision-making process regarding the prescribing of over the counter medications.

Involving local patients, members of the public, carers and patient representative groups is important to the CCG so that we can be assured of commissioning the best possible services that meet the needs of local patients and that represent the best possible value for money.