Bay ICC purpose pic


What is the purpose of Bay ICC?

We got the ICC members together last year to establish our shared vision and purpose; the above image is what we came up with.

Alongside some specific project work Bay ICC and its members are committed to working together for our local community. We value the importance of good communication across organisations, and although not always easy, we are already seeing the benefits of more integrated working.

If you want to know more or have ideas that you would like to bring to the ICC please do get in touch: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Wrap around care

The Care-coordinator case load is building and there has been some really positive feedback from our patients:

“We just wanted to say thank you and that we really feel supported and looked after

A huge thank you to Susan Parker from the Medicines Management team (Pictured below alongside; Lindsey O’Gorman, Karen Wisbach and Michael Cryan) who went above and beyond for our patients, crafting a stack of crochet blankets for the care-coordinators to give to patients who needed an extra layer of warmth this winter. The blankets not only look good, but are also a perfect size so as not to present a falls risk. Wrap around care that is appreciated by our patients.

wrap around care


On the Horizon at Heysham Health Centre

We are transforming part of Heysham Health centre into a community hub. In Bay we recognise that good health is much broader than medication and we are lucky to have a wealth of community organisations that offer support. The furniture arrived December and thanks to Chris Greenwood and Christopher Nightingale for their furniture assembly skills.

The Hub will offer a meeting place for local groups and services to help promote health and wellbeing within our community. Some of our patient representatives helped out with a consultation to find out what people would like to see the hub used for. If you have ideas of sessions that you would like to see at the Hub please do let us know!

Horizon photos


Stanley's Community Centre

Stanleys are a member of Bay ICC and we have been working together to offer a range of sessions that promote health and wellbeing. Stanleys is an established organisation that has been working in the local area with residents for some time, they host; a food club, family cook and eat group, health eating/weight loss support group and also offer drop in advice and use of facilities alongside many more groups and activities. Recently a group have been working on a self-advocacy tool kit which we are hopeful will be shared with the community at an event later this year. The Family cook and eat has been really well attended averaging around 26 participants each week feedback has been positive when asked why participants like coming to the group answers included;

“Great Food, Good Company, Learning new Recipes”