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Memory Assessment Service

The Memory Assesment Service (MAS) is a new service that is currently being trialled at Carnforth Clinic.

It involves a Care Coordinator working closely with a GP. If they note a concern regarding memory, the Care Coordinator will take memory assessment bloods (for those who are unable to come to the surgery for their blood tests), and a referral is made to the memory assessment clinic.

Lancashire and South Cumbria Foundation Trust are running a Memory Assessment Clinic (fortnightly) at Carnforth Clinic; which is close to home and a familiar environment for patients. An assessment is carried out and a diagnosis is made if appropriate.

Feedback is being collected and there is a study of 10 patients who went through diagnosis pre MAS and 10 patients post set up of MAS will be done by the team.


Intergenerational Pilot (with Christ Church Primary School & Keer Sands Nursing Home)

Intergenerational project7

Aims for children:

  • To provide an opportunity to learn from and connect with the older generation

  • To learn about and understand how medicine and health care has developed over the last 100 years

  • To learn about how to maintain and improve physical and mental wellbeing

Week 1 - Language, listening and communication

Intergenerational project1

  • Introductions (“Tell me one thing you like to eat”)

  • Word finding chart (alphabet board)

  • Loud & Quiet sounds (instruments)

  • Sound Bingo


Supported by Paediatric SLTs & Children’s Nurse for Hearing Service.


Week 2 - Physical Health and WellbeingIntergenerational project2

  • Introductions (“Tell me one thing you like to drink”)

  • Joint activity – why is exercise important?

  • Yoga / Chair based exercises

Supported by Active Lives & Children’s Physiotherapy Service.


Week 3 - Mental Health and Wellbeing

Intergenerational project3

  • Introductions (“Tell me where you like to go on holiday”)

  • Joint activity – wellbeing ‘snap’ cards

  • Taking notice (objects hidden / placed round room)

  • Huge Bag of Worries Story


Supported by CAMHS & Lancashire Wellbeing Service


Week 4 - Health Care & Hand HygieneIntergenerational project4

  • Introductions (“Tell me what is your favourite colour”)

  • Meet Florence Nightingale

  • Joint activity – Health care over last 100 years

  • Hand Hygiene – hand washing & light box.


Supported by ICC Care Coordinator, District Nurse Support Worker & Infection Prevention Team


Intergenerational project5

Intergenerational project6

Intergenerational project

Take a look at the outcomes:

pdf Carnforth ICC Intergenerational Project (382 KB)

Carnforth Health and Fun Day - July 2019

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54 health checks - 44 Health 'MOTs' + 10 Full NHS Checks

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