Grange & Lakes ICC

About Us

Integrated Care Communities are integrated teams of health and care workers, voluntary organisations and wider community assets who work together to practice population health with a mobilised population.

The population health approach is about reducing health inequalities, intervening earlier to reduce avoidable ill health and supporting people in their own homes, drawing on the existing resources in the system, new ways of working and connecting with community assets.

Our ICC works across organisations in a defined geographical area with a population of c.32,500 people.

We aim to:

  • Understand the problems and set clear goals for improvement
  • Focus on all determinants of health, not just healthcare
  • Generate shared accountability for improving Population Health
  • Empower people and communities to develop their capabilities
  • Embed health equity as a core part of our population health strategy

What We Do

  • We are an integrated team of health and social care professionals, working across boundaries, with a common goal and clear purpose.
  • Develop projects which tackle conditions such as: frailty, diabetes, respiratory disease, mental health and cardiovascular disease.
  • Identify communities within our ICC population who we can support to manage their own health.
  • Consider the wider determinants of health and engage with our communities to establish their needs and what will make them happier and healthier and more activated.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of our work and learn from the feedback from our patients, communities and stakeholders.

Contact Us

Tel: 01539 777222
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