Lancaster ICC

Lancaster Integrated Care Community (ICC) is one of eight ICCs in Morecombe Bay. ICCs work together to improve the overall health and wellbeing of the community by joining up health, care and public services with voluntary, faith and community groups to provide collaborative care out of hospital where possible and supporting people to have information about, and where possible, how to self-manage their health conditions.

Lancaster ICC employs a Development Lead whose principal role is to build strategic-level relationships with local partners – including community groups, public services, third sector organisations and housing.

The Development Lead combines information from a wide range of sources to learn about problems affecting local communities that may be impacting on people’s health; including risk stratified population data, information about individuals being referred to care coordinators and through conversations with cohorts and groups within the community, asking them what they understand the issues to be.

They then meet up with partners in the area to work out how they might solve the issue, together. Over 90 different partners are now invited on regular basis to talk about what issues they’re facing and what the solutions might be. This approach has led to the emergence of a range of new types of ‘services’ that better meet people’s needs and that support Health Creation in the process including:

  • A co-led clinic, run by a substance treatment service and people in recovery, running weekly sessions from a GP surgery, providing advice and guidance around the use of alcohol and also treatment options for dependent drinkers.
  • Pop up health checks available at livestock auctions, on auction days, which have uncovered a lot of health issues among farmers
  • A COVID-19 response of around 200 local volunteers organised by a local church in response to COVID-19; the ICC is offering them support from a health perspective
  • New referral pathways for homeless people, with housing organisations

“When we talk to people at events, we find all sorts … we ask partners in the group for help, bounce ideas off them, work out the best solutions together”. Lancaster ICC Development Lead