Windermere and Bowness Medical Practice

Update on the future of Windermere and Bowness Medical Practice

The CCG Primary Care Commissioning Committee in October 2020 approved a decision to undertake a procurement exercise with the aim of identifying a new provider for the Windermere & Bowness practice based at Goodly Dale as the current contract holder had given Its six month notice to end the contract which takes effect on 31st March 2021. The CCG completed the procurement exercise and whilst there was interest from a number of experienced bidders the contract could not be awarded as the overall quality threshold criteria set for the procurement had not been met by any bidder.

The CCG remain committed to ensuring the continued high quality provision of general medical services for the population of Windermere and Bowness and the CCG Primary Care team have engaged extensively with the local Primary Care Network (PCN) and local practices/providers in relation to this outcome to identify opportunities to secure a firm future for the practice going forwards.  

On Monday 15th February the Primary Care Commissioning Committee reconsidered options for the future of the service and have approved a six month interim or ‘caretaking’ contract with Cumbria Health on Call (CHoC) who are a local Cumbria based social enterprise organisation who deliver a range of services to support patients. CHoC are knowledgeable of the local area, having provided services for over 20 years across Cumbria and are experienced in the delivery of primary medical services, including Out of Hours provision, Extended Access, Glenridding GP Practice and many daytime services. CHoC are rated outstanding by the Care Quality Commission (CQC). We are pleased that CHoC are able to mobilise services to support the patients of Windermere and Bowness Practice from 1st April 2021.

CHoC Chief Executive Susan Blakemore says, “we are delighted to have this opportunity to provide care for the practice population of Windermere Health Centre and look forward to working alongside our partners who are also providing a range of clinical services”.

The six months caretaking period will allow the CCG time to reassess and implement a second procurement process, which with the learning and assistance from recent bidders and the local PCN, has given us confidence that we have a greater opportunity for identifying a long term solution for the patients of Windermere & Bowness.

We would like to thank the current provider, OneMedical Group, for its continued assistance during this time in ensuring a smooth transition, and to also reassure patients that there will be minimal impact on both services and staff who will be transferred over to CHoC from 1st April 2021.

We will be writing to all registered patients to confirm that they do not need to take any action they will continue to receive care at the Goodly Dale site with no changes to patient care delivery from the 1st April 2021 from CHoC who will have full access to their medical records

We know you will have lots of questions and have compiled a list of what we think the most frequently asked ones might be and provided answers to them you can access these here 

You can also see a copy of the letter which has been sent to all the patients registered at the practice here 


Have your say: Patient Survey - Now Closed 

Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) wants to ask patients at Windermere and Bowness Medical Practice (at Goodly Dale) for your views on how local GP services should be provided to you in the future. We would like to understand what your priorities are for future service provision and what matters most to you. In sharing your views with us you will be helping to ensure that the right decision is made for you and your family.

As some patients may already know there are two options in relation to the future service provision locally, following the notification that the current contract for GP Services at Windermere and Bowness Medical Practice (at Goodly Dale) will come to an end on 31st March 2020.

The first option would be List Dispersal. This means that the current practice site would close, and patients would be asked to register with another GP practice. Patients could choose which GP practice they wished to register with. The practices closest to Goodly Dale are based in Windermere, Ambleside and Cartmel (for patients who live towards the Cartmel Peninsula).

The second option would be Procurement. This means that the CCG would advertise the Windermere and Bowness Medical Practice at Goodly Dale and if another provider comes forward, they could take the surgery on and continue to run the service from the current site, or from an alternative site in the immediate vicinity of Goodly Dale. The procurement process would be open to local and national providers.

This survey aims to capture your preference in relation to these two options along with your thoughts on future GP services.

There are two ways you can complete the survey:

  • Complete the survey online 
  • Download a paper copy to print out, complete and return to the practice by posting it through the letterbox outside. This is locked and checked each day. All surveys should be submitted by Monday 14 September 2020.

The results of this survey will be shared with the Primary Care Commissioning Committee at their next meeting to assist them in making a decision on the future of the GP Practice.