Free flu jab for those with learning disabilities

People with learning disabilities and their carers can have a free flu jab to help protect them from being unwell.

Flu is caused by virus

Flu is caused by a bug called a virus and can make you feel very unwell. Having a flu jab can help stop you catching flu and passing it on to other people.

It is important for people with learning disabilities to have their flu jab because they are more likely than others to get seriously ill if they have the flu.

The flu jab is an injection in your arm, usually given to you by a nurse at your doctors.

After having the jab, you may feel a bit hot, have a sore arm and ache a little bit, but don’t worry – if you do feel ill, it will go away in a few days.

There’s more information about having a flu jab in this easy read leaflet for people with learning disabilities, click here to read it:

Camilla has a learning disability. She went to get her flu jab and you can watch a video where Camilla explains what happens and why you should have your flu jab, click here to watch it:


Camilla flu jab