88-Year-Old Woman Who Fell and Broke Knee Shares Story to Help Others

AN 88-year-old woman who fell and injured her leg while out walking her dog has taken precautions to help prevent another accident.

Marie Lilley, from Grange-over-Sands caught her foot on a tree root while out walking her dog in September 2017.

Luckily, she was with her friend, who phoned the emergency services.

Mrs Lilley said: “At first I just thought I needed a few minutes to rest. I didn’t realise how badly I had hurt my leg. It wasn’t until I realised that I couldn’t put any weight on it that it occurred to me I may have injured it quite badly.” 

With the rain coming down and the ground getting muddy, the paramedics from the ambulance struggled to reach Mrs Lilley with a stretcher so a mountain rescue team was called.

Mrs Lilley said: “I felt like a fool for falling.”

She was then taken to Royal Lancaster Infirmary by ambulance and once she had been to the Fracture Clinic it was discovered that she had a hairline fracture in her knee and had damaged a ligament.

Her leg was in plaster and she was bed bound for week, which distressed Mrs Lilley further as she is the main carer for her son.

She explained: “I couldn’t do anything, and I had to have carers come to my home to look after me. After about a week I started using a wheelchair, but I had to be picked up and taken to my hospital appointments by ambulance because I couldn’t bend my knee.”

In total Mrs Lilley’s recovery took about 9 weeks, during which she had hired a dog walker.

After Christmas, Marie started walking her dogs again but decided that after her accident, she needed to slow down so kept the dog walker on for three walks a week.

This gave Marie the time to do other things and the dogs got to go on walks that Marie no longer felt confident to do.

She said: “There are certain areas I won’t go now in case I fall. I need to be somewhere reasonably safe and close to home.”

Marie also ensures that she takes her mobile phone with her when she goes out for walks and since the accident Marie walks at a slower pace.

She said: “After the accident I realised a fall can happen to anyone at any age, and I need to be more careful.”

Mrs Lilley is sharing her story as part of the Falls Prevention Campaign launched by Morecambe Bay Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) earlier this year.

To help relieve pressure on the hospitals within Morecambe Bay the CCG will be sharing messages on how to prevent falls and what to do next if you do fall.

Lorna Brown, Advanced Practice Physiotherapist in the Furness area said: “The main reason behind this campaign is to improve health outcomes for our communities.

“I would like to thank Marie for sharing her story and for making changes to her lifestyle to ensure her safety. It’s important to remember that falling is not the norm, usually there’s a reason behind it whether that be an underlying health problem or a balance issue, but either way you should always report a fall.”