Implementation of revised and updated clinical policies

We wish to bring to the attention of patients and members of the public that seven revised and updated clinical commissioning policies on the following treatments have been approved by the CCG. These are:

  1. Policy for the Surgical Treatment of Carpel Tunnel Syndrome;
  2. Policy for Tonsillectomy/Adeno-Tonsillectomy;
  3. Policy for the Surgical Release of Trigger Finger;
  4. Policy for the Management of Otitis Media with Effusion (OME) using Grommets;
  5. Policy for Breast Reduction Surgery (separated from the existing Cosmetics policy);
  6. Policy for the Surgical Management of Gynaecomastia (separated from the existing Cosmetics policy);
  7. Policy for the Removal of Benign Skin Lesions (separated from the existing Cosmetics policy);

These are existing clinical policies which have been revised and updated to bring them into line with the national guidance issued by NHS England, as part of their evidence-based interventions (EBI) programme.  Three of these policies (5, 6 and 7 above) have been separated from the existing Policy for Cosmetics Procedures, which means the Cosmetics Policy has been revised accordingly:

These clinical policies explain the criteria that must be met for these treatments and procedures to be given on the NHS in this area.

Arrangements are being made with GPs and hospital doctors and consultants for the implementation of these policies.

If you have any questions about whether you are eligible for one of these treatments, you should discuss this with your clinician.

Please note that NHS England has created a series of resources (leaflets and YouTube videos) to help patients and the public understand the changes to the treatments that are currently included in the guidance.  These can be viewed on the CCG website (here) or on the NHS England website at: Evidence based interventions programme – support resources