Information for those who are due their second dose of the Coronavirus vaccine

We are reassured that there is sufficient vaccine supply to deliver the planned second dose of your vaccine. However, in a continued effort to minimise wastage of the vaccine, or wasted appointments, we ask that you follow this guidance.

  • You should always book your second vaccine appointment at the same location you received your first. If you book and attend at a separate location to where you received your first dose, they will not be able to administer your second dose.
  • Your second dose should be within the recommended time frame of 8-12 weeks after your first dose, please do not schedule an appointment sooner than this, as the vaccination team will not be able to administer the second dose. You may make your booking anytime if you have been invited or are eligible, and should book your first and second dose appointments at the same time where you can.
  • There may be multiple options provided for you to book and access the vaccine, particularly if you fall into multiple cohorts. Please do not make multiple bookings, as this could deny someone else access to the vaccine. This applies to the booking of first doses as well.
  •  If you know you will no longer be attending for a second dose appointment, please inform either your GP (Primary Care Network) through their provided contact details, or the National Booking Service via 119 if you have booked through this service.