Lock down restrictions are still in place, says Cumbria’s Local Resilience Forum

Following the Prime Minister’s announcement that many lockdown restrictions will be eased from 4 July, Cumbria’s Local Resilience Forum is reminding people that restrictions remain in place until then and enforcement action will continue to be taken against those breaking the rules.

Key issues that remain of concern in the national park area are:

  • Illegal overnight stays and camping
  • Littering
  • Inconsiderate parking
  • Anti-social behaviour

Assistant Chief Constable Andy Slattery, Chair of Cumbria’s Local Resilience Forum, said:

“Over recent weeks we’ve welcomed increasing numbers of people to the Lake District and overwhelmingly they are following the rules, enjoying our wonderful county safely and respecting local communities. The county is of course looking forward to the wider lifting of lockdown restrictions which is so vital to our economy and our communities.

“But a small minority of people are engaging in anti-social and illegal behaviour that we will not tolerate. Until 4 July you cannot stay overnight, and of course extreme littering, inconsiderate and dangerous parking and serious anti-social behaviour will always be unacceptable.

“We are urging people to follow the rules as they are now and avoid having enforcement action taken against them.”

Richard Leafe, chief executive of the Lake District National Park Authority added:

“We welcome every visitor to their national park, especially those here for the first time. I’m saddened by the behaviour of some during the past few weeks. Leaving litter, cutting down trees and blocking gates affects real people, including volunteers, who selflessly give their time to help look after this special place. So I’m urging people to stop and think before they visit: plan ahead to avoid the busy spots using saferlakes.co.uk, take all your litter away with you, stick to social distancing and show the respect and love for the Lake District that it deserves – then we can all look forward to enjoying the national park this summer.”

NFU North West Regional Director David Hall, said:

“It’s entirely understandable that visitors are keen to visit beauty spots such as the Lake District in order to reap the benefits of getting out and enjoying the countryside which our farmers look after and maintain.

“However, the health of those living and working in the countryside also has to be safeguarded to ensure that safe, local, high-standard British food keeps coming, and visitors need to be aware of their role in protecting rural people and their livelihoods.

“We hope people planning to visit the Lake District when the time is right, will follow the very clear guidance, help keep farmers safe, and continue to heed the social distancing guidelines. Follow the countryside code and use the rights of way network responsibly as we all work to overcome this crisis.”


For full details of what is and is not permitted before 4 July visit https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do/coronavirus-outbreak-faqs-what-you-can-and-cant-do