Burns and scalds

Immediately place the area under cold running water to take the heat out of the skin. Don’t do this for longer than 10 minutes, as babies and toddlers can get too cold. If there’s no running water, immerse the burn or scald in cold water or any other cool fluid, such as milk or a cold drink.

Use something clean and non-fluffy, like a cotton pillowcase or clingfilm, to cover the burn or scald and reduce the danger of infection.

If your child’s clothes are stuck to the skin, don’t try to take them off. If the burn is not calmed by the above actions, don’t put any ointments or creams on, as it will have to be cleaned off before the area can be treated. Depending on how severe it is, see your GP or go to a minor injuries unit or accident and emergency department.

Blisters will burst naturally. The raw area underneath needs a protective dressing. Ask your pharmacist or practice nurse for advice.