Why self-care is good for people

Empowering people with the confidence and information to look after themselves when they can, and visit the GP when they need to, gives people greater control of their own health and encourages healthy behaviours that help prevent ill health in the long-term. In many cases people can take care of their minor ailments, reducing the number of GP consultations and enabling GPs to focus on caring for higher risk patients, such as those with co-morbidities (more than one illness), the very young and elderly, managing long-term conditions and providing new services.

More cost-effective use of stretched NHS resources allows money to be spent where it’s most needed and improve health outcomes. Furthermore, increased personal responsibility around healthcare helps improve people’s health and wellbeing and helps them better manage long-term conditions when they do develop. This will ultimately ensure the long-term sustainability of the NHS.

Learning Disability Postcards

Postcards have been created to encourage people with learning disabilities and their carers to ask for their annual health checks, as well as ensuring they are on their GP’s Learning Disability register.

The postcard, which can be handed in to their GP surgery by people with learning disabilities and their carers, also asks that GPs make sure patients are invited for a flu vaccination and are offered a hospital passport.

This postcard was designed with input from GP clinicians, the South Cumbria Learning Disability Nursing team, and approximately 50 families were engaged with at an event in September 2019 regarding how this postcard could be designed to help them.

Symbols have been used on the postcard to make it accessible and clear, simple language has been used so that the postcard can be used by as many people with learning disabilities and their carers as possible.

Self-care advice 

Currently 1 in every 5 pounds in the NHS is spent as a direct result of our poor lifestyle choices. This is unsustainable.

We want to promote good physical health, rather than dealing with the consequences, and we can guide you in helping you improve your own physical and mental health.

Please take a few minutes to watch our self-care videos, covering several topics, and explaining some of the ways this can be done.

Self-care videos